Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ex ministers wife and kids comes to my house

Now 10.30 am date 3 march 2008.Yesterday as on 2 march 2008 (SUNDAY) i got a phone call from from someone called ms bhavana(sounded arrogent and rude) .ph no-9916367582. and agin at 4.30 from 9916367582 to confirm the appointment for tarot reading for her mom at my home . at around 4.30 one lady (you can say well maintained body structure,just average hight) with her two children both age in above 21 visited for tarot reading.i explained the lady how the tarot cards work and the element signs in it etc but she was just playing deaf to my words anyways then i asked the lady to ask her questions and she started her first question .
1.which god should i pray to to get money ,i expalined that this tarot is westeren concept and does not answer about indian dieties.
2.she asked is something wrong with the directions of my ans plz take vastu or fengshui consultation for your problem and not the tarot.
3.then she asked me is there "naga devatha"snake god on her land situated at around 100 kms from bangalore ? again i just blinked and politly told her to ask straight queries related to day today life and not of god .
4.again she asked me if their is any hidden treasure belove her land and should she sacrifice some life to get that.i asked her to consult her family vedic astologer.
5 .she asked me if her husband will win election? .i was shocked asked who is she etc ? .and again asked her to be straight.she ignored me again and kept on and on .
Then she said she is mrs jaya ,the wife of some ex minister of karnataka by name mr somsekhar reddy or rao (JDS) something.she is going through financial problems . and she stays near bel road and want me to visit to her house to give fengshui consultancy .and also she wanted me to spare one day to and see to her farm land 100 kms away.and then she said she will not pay my fee but will do some political favours in case she benifits ,and she said i will be doing good deed to society by helping her husbands political career.I said politly that since i am a young women and my family will not agree for my visit to a politicians home at any cost.i myself wants to stay away since i was very unconfortable from the moment she entered my house . i dont want to work in unprofessional way.i am confused and i asked my own tarot and it said 7 of swords .3 of swords and 9 of sords.hoping and praying never ever to have to see her ever again i am closing this post.may the mighty protect me and you all from these politicians and their wives.
thank you

Friday, February 8, 2008

engineer missing from bangalore ?

Today as on 9 feb 2008 time around 9.12 .there was this clip in deccan herald news paper about a bangalore enginner age 26 by name om prakash yadav missing and ph no given wew 9986642275 ,9986982141.when i meditated to know his where abouts i saw him celebrating some love relationship or may be enjoing with his freinds but he is happy wherever he is .i think he is in west direction.anyways i wish him good luck and will try to see the newspaper updates for conformation of my astro predictions.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

i know where is this lost child.

TODAY date 2.feb.2008 time 2.30.
I was just surfing channels suddenly i saw cable tv 4m was showing some ad about a 11 year old child lost.i just closed my eyes and tried to meditae about where about of this child and i also did my tarot reading .i saw a horrifying image tears roled down my eyes ,the child is no more and devilish looking people had surrounded him in greed to gain some money.
i also saw his body in west direction.
i want to call his family and imform or atleast to imform media but in fear of being misunderstood i am not able to say anything ..........................................................

Friday, January 4, 2008

hi today 4.jan.2008 at 8.35 .i got a ph call from some body asking for tarot reading session. (from ph 9845033221 -santosh as he said ) i felt very unconfortable .so did tarot reading keeping his persons energy in mind .and i found him very cheap minded i am a lady and do my tarot reading from home and dont want to meet this person .what shold i do?

Monday, November 19, 2007

hi this is sangeetha raj .i am an astrologer by profession.

today 19 nov 2007 here in bangalore BJP govt has fallen and the media reports are saying that BJP will gain power after election because of sympathy votes from public but i say that

neighter BJP nor JDS will win.both jds and bjp will lose.and congress will gain the power in karnataka.